Pulling out of the Narrative

You don't need to participate in the spectacle, darling

Extra extra! Have you heard the latest news about the world burning?

It seemed like a dream or a fairy tale nightmare. Another episode of Black Mirror, to be sure. If you thought COVID-19 was serious, say hello to COVID-20. Did you hear? You can now watch the riots on bigscreen reality. Competing factions of authorities are looking to make all of us go insane. Now what?

We have to remind ourselves of where we started. We must trace back our moves and understand our history if we wish to move forward. When did we enter this current Meltdown Phase? The Fourth Turning is now, journalists! Revolution. Reaction. Recession. Run. What exactly are we going to do about this decadent opportunity?

Release ourselves once and for all.

First, it was Epstein. Then it was the CCP coverups. COVID-19, draconian lockdowns, mass-scale riots, curfews, and geopolitical warfare. I may fly with the murder hornets in solidarity, yet making the choice to pull out of the narrative I seek to hashtag self-care myself into the aristocracy.

As my friend Emina Melonic puts it:

“What are we really commenting on anymore? Information changes instantly; the truth is unknown despite it being out there, we're in the dark. The commentary is incomplete because the presentation of reality is skewed.”

What we have witnessed is a perfect storm. It is a bit too perfect if you get my drift. Yet that is the incompetence itself. So why not find better ways to occupy ourselves? Let’s get to it, kings and queens.

Things to Do Besides Engaging with the Narrative

  1. Attend a live concert on Twitch. I was lucky enough to see one of my favorite bands, Rabbit Junk, perform a couple of nights ago. While it wasn’t the same as being in a physical venue, the energy was perfect.

  2. Workout in VR. Not being able to go to the gym is frustrating during this time, which can have massive effects on mental health. It’s almost like when you put animals in a cage for three months they will burn down the cities. Yet over here we are civilized and classier than them. ::sips wine dramatically::

  3. Read my letter to Alexander Bard. Alexander Bard is one of my favorite modern philosophers. I see him as an intellectual ancestor. He is from the same bizarre universe as me, or at least a universe next door. I wrote him this letter on Letter Wiki that I think you guys will appreciate.

  4. Meet with an online friend across the world. Do not discuss current events. Discuss a weird or obscure book or film that only you guys know about. Start a fake cult. Get naked for their wife.

  5. Practice non-reactivity. Those who succeed are those who do not react because the West is dead. Meditation puts many (including myself) to sleep, but practice not reacting to things in general. Try the Alexander Technique. The trick is not to respond. Do not let The Narrative get your attention.

  6. Check out the latest issue of The Alienist. My fiction mashup story Ultra Gig was featured here in this collection of experimental writing. I really love their approach and aesthetic. Dark postmodernism at its best.

  7. Make a list and send it to people on Substack. This is a chain letter. Once you read this you must copy and paste this paragraph to your own list. If you do not copy this paragraph you will be forced to kneel.

  8. Buy land and create an underground bunker. Now could be the time to start your own obscure militia or at least get away from the noise. See if you can bring people together to purchase what could later become your own country.

  9. Dress up as a character from a war that hasn’t started yet. The sky is the limit here. Go full crazy. Nobody cares anymore.

    That’s all I got for now. Share this post with your friends, family, and obedient minions. Don’t let the light go out. Stay vitalist. Contribute to this discussion if you have those privileges.


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    -Rachel Haywire

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